An Index to the Works of Martin Luther

Table of Contents

Introduction and Explanation

If you haven't been here before, please see this page first to understand the purpose of this site and the way the index works.

The Index to Luther's Works

This is is the main page of this site. It initially displays the titles of all works of Luther's in the database I've compiled over the past several years. (See the "Introduction and Explanation" page above and also the "References and Sources" page). It also has options to select the kinds of works (lectures, sermons, etc) displayed in the list and to change the sort order by edition, date, or title.

Search the Index by Reference

This page presents the option to search the list of Luther's works using a reference to a particular edition.

References and Sources for Luther's Works

The publishers information is given here for the three editions of Luther's works referred to by the two list pages above. This page also has links to other sites which contain lists of Luther's works.

Luther Hymnals

This is a list of the hymnals that came out during Luther's lifetime. He personally supervised the publication of most of these—they are the original sources for his hymns and for the orders of service he wrote.