An Index to the Works of Martin Luther

Title List of the New Luther's Works Volumes

Volume 56 Selected Sermons III (to be published in 2018)
Volume 57 Selected Sermons IV (published 2016)
Volume 58 Selected Sermons V (published 2010)
Volume 59 Prefaces I/1522-1532 (published 2012)
Volume 60 Prefaces II/1532-1545 (published 2011)
Volume 61 Theology and Polemics (to be published in 2020)
Volume 62 Letters IV (?) (no announced publication date)
Volume 63 Letters V (?) (no announced publication date)
Volume 64 Labors on the Psalms I (to be published in 2023)
Volume 65 Labors on the Psalms II (to be published in 2022)
Volume 66 Selected Psalms IV (to be published in 2025)
Volume 67 Annotations on Matthew: Chapters 1-18 (published 2015)
Volume 68 Sermons on the Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapters 19-24 (published 2014)
Volume 69 Sermons on the Gospel of John 17-20 (published 2009)
Volume 70 Early Works I (to be published in 2024)
Volume 71 Early Works II (?) (no announced publication date)
Volume 72 Disputations I (to be published in 2021)
Volume 73 Disputations II (to be published in 2019)
Volume 74 Another exegetical volume? (no announced publication date)
Volume 75 Church Postils I (published 2013)
Volume 76 Church Postils II (published 2013)
Volume 77 Church Postils III (published 2014)
Volume 78 Church Postils IV (published 2015)
Volume 79 Church Postils V (published 2016)

Companion Volume: Sixteenth Century Biographies of Luther (published 2018)

This is information I've gleaned from the Internet, mainly from the Concordia Publishing House and Amazon sites for each individual volume. I am very slowly adding the titles of the works contained in these volumes to my own index here. The only one I've added so far is Volume 57, Selected Sermons IV.

Note that the volumes with question marks after the titles (62, 63, 71, and 74) are my guesses based on the Prospectus published for the new volumes on the CPH site. That 2007 document announces, in addition to the new volumes that have already appeared, two more volumes of letters (three volumes, 48-50, are already contained in the original set published jointly by CPH and the Muhlenberg Press), two more volumes of exegesis (new Volumes 67-69 seem to cover three of the five volumes announced), and a second volume of Early Works (new Volume 70 is the first), but no further information about them seems to have yet appeared, so I could easily be wrong. As always, I would appreciate any information anybody else can give me about the works of Luther that might correct, add to, or otherwise improve what I have here. (Email me at

Note also that the volumes titled Selected Sermons start with III because the original set of Luther's Works already contains two volumes of selected sermons (Volumes 51 and 52).